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How to Win Jackpot?

List of video slot game, where you can win the jackpot is represented on the site, the description is marked "Jackpot."

Is accumulated as a jackpot?

The sum of the jackpot is composed of 3% of each bet. The bank jackpot games does not affect and prizes while playing the video slots are the same as without the jackpot.

Who can win the jackpot?

Jackpot can be won by anyone! After logging in you can see the usernames of users who got the jackpot!

What is the exact amount will be at the Jackpot?

The sum of the jackpot starts from 600 credits and above, the sum is always different . The figure below (here - is the right of the screen, the game that the player sees online) shows the current amount.

Drop the jackpot is higher, the higher the stakes and the number of lines involved in the game. His loss will determine the RNG random number generator of the site.

When you see a picture - this means that the winning jackpot - YOUR. Then click exit EXIT. Can immediately derive benefit through the cashier or continue the game.
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